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This Nashville-Based Company Can Turn Your Pickup Truck Into a "Lil Big Rig"


If you're one of the many folks out there who love the world of trucking and big rig trucks, there's some pretty good news for you. And, you don't even need to have commercial driver's license or work as a trucker. A company called Lil Big Rig allows you to turn your pickup truck into a mini semi truck, and the end result is beyond cool. Talk about a head turner.

Bob Suffern is the owner of the Nashville, Tennessee company, and he absolutely loves what he does. These things look so good at the end that if you saw a picture of one by itself, it might take you a second to realize that it's actually the size of a pickup. However, once you put it next to one of the big trucks, you'll notice just how far they go to make sure the conversion kits accurately replicate all of the components.

Let's take a look at what trucks are compatible to build into little big rigs, and what you'll actually be getting when you take your vehicle to Bob Suffern.


What Are Lil Big Rig's Truck Packages?

In order to build one of these micro trucks, the Lil Big Rig company will need a platform to start out on. You'll need either a 1980s-1990s two-wheel drive Ford F-250, a long bed full-size Chevrolet pickup truck between the years of 1973-1987, or a Dodge Ram standard cab pickup between the years of 1994-2003. For the Ram and the Chevy pickup, you can use both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations. It should go without saying, but having a Powerstroke, Duramax, or Cummins diesel engine under the hood is most desirable for these builds.

What they will do is essentially remove both the body and the bed of the pickup truck and replace them with a fiberglass body kit resembling your choice of either a classic Peterbilt or Kenworth style truck. There's two packages to choose from: the Lil Pete or Lil Kenny. They'll even add on an extra two wheels in the back to complete the semi truck look. You'll also get a new interior that looks just like a semi, including a functional sleeper cab big enough to fit a bed behind you.

From the grilles, bumpers, and exhaust stacks, these trucks looks absolutely amazing once completed. Some people will actually even use them as haulers, as opposed to just a show piece, which I have to respect. Checking out their website,, you'll see all of the pics from completed projects to get some inspiration for the route you would like to go. Just be prepared for all the attention it will bring both on the road, as well as anytime you're parked somewhere. It's almost guaranteed to draw a crowd.

As for the size difference, a traditional Kenworth sits around 13 feet tall. The Lil Kenny shrinks that size down to a mere five-foot truck, giving it a truly unique look. The Peterbilt will be a little bit taller than the Lil Kenny, but still drastically smaller than the full-size semi.


These mini replicas are just awesome works of art. These kits start out at a price around $12,950, but there are tons of options you can add on to the base price. That's significantly cheaper than buying a full-sized semi, so in my opinion, that's pretty reasonably priced for the quality of work.

It doesn't matter if you're a truck driver already, or if you just have a love for these trucks. Bob Suffern will ensure that you are completely satisfied with the truck you're getting, so I highly recommend checking them out!

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