great lakes big rig challenge
YouTube: Charles Russell

Semi Trucks Go Head-to-Head in Big Rig Challenge


If heavy-duty, diesel drag racing is your thing, then you'll absolutely love the Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge. It's a Quebec-style uphill side-by-side semi truck drag racing competition held at Onaway Speedway in Onaway, Michigan. The competition features drivers from all over the United States and Canada, and the above video shows you just a little taste of the action.

For the second edition of the Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge, held on May 18-19, 2019, each competing semi truck was hooked up to a trailer loaded down with 123,000 pounds of lumber. After that, these beasts raced uphill!

While a couple trucks ended up sustaining malfunctions due to the intense weight, most of the races ended up going pretty smoothly. Check 'em out!


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Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge 2020

Good news! Coronavirus won't be stopping this year's Great Lakes Big Rig Challenge. The 3rd edition of the drag racing event will begin the weekend of Friday, September 4th.

If this is an event that you and your family would be interested in and you'll be in the Northern Michigan area for Labor Day weekend, you can find more information about ticketing prices below, or just head on over to

Per Onway Speedway:


*Pre-Sale General Admission Adult Weekend Pass - $50.00

This ticket is designated for anyone over 18 years of age

** Tickets will be available at the gate for $60.00

?*Pre-Sale General Admission Student Weekend Pass - $30.00

This ticket is designated for students ages 12-18

** Tickets will be available at the gate for $40.00

?*Camping Permit- $50.00

This is for rustic camping ( No power,No water) onsite for July 10th -July 12th

?*Sunday DAY Pass- $30.00

We will offer a day pass for Sunday ONLY

?*Child Tickets 11 & Under FREE Ticket

Children 11 & Under are free for this event

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