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Joke Build With Turbocharged V8 Becomes the Nastiest Quad You've Ever Seen



If there's one thing that we did not learn from Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Dr. John Alfred Hammond, and a whole bunch of other people we probably should have learned from, it's that "just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

Which is how we ended up here, with a quad equipped with a 5.0L HO, pulled from a Mustang. Also on board: A race cam with roller rockers, Schwitzer s300 turbocharger with 10psi of boost, Turbosmart blow off valves, Holly race carb...this quad has all the works. This probably isn't something everyone should do at home, even though it quite clearly is something you can do at home. Again, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

The story goes that a group of gearheads were just joking around with the idea of building a supercharged quad, like you do, but then things started to get out of hand. Before they knew it, the loose junk laying around the backyard began to take form as a turbocharged V8 four-wheeler.


Thankfully, these tinkering buddies caught everything on camera and put together a video showing the birth of Frankenstein's monster on four wheels. What starts as a heap of stuff slowly begins to take form as something that resembles a quad with an engine plucked from a Mustang. But, when your engine is bigger than your wheelbase, accommodations must be made. This video follows the guys as they fine tune and take their turbocharged quad for a few test runs while tweaking the settings.

Serious props for the test driver, too. It looks like this monster is less chassis and more engine, which means riding it has got to require some incredible skill, control, and cojones.

So how about it? Are you willing to hop on this quad for a quick -- and we mean very quick -- trip around the property?

This post was originally published on February 15, 2017.


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