hot water on car dent
YouTube: ViralHog

Car Owner Fixes Bumper Dent With Some Hot Water

Here's a little trick that's been around for a while, and if you don't know about it, it's definitely worth checking out. If you're using your vehicle on a regular basis, you're bound to get some dings and dents on it eventually. If those dents happen to be on one of your plastic bumpers, you're in luck. In this video, you'll see a demonstration on how to pop that dent out by simply using some hot water.

Plastic bumpers are pretty flexible, so a lot of times even if your bumper dents in, it's not actually broken. If that's the case, you'll just pour some hot water over the top of the area, and you'll see the dent slowly start to disappear as it pops back into place. On some occasions, it won't necessarily fix itself, but if you are able to, you can get behind the bumper and apply a little pressure from the backside. The heat of the water should make the plastic flexible enough that the dent pushes out easily. What's even better is that you won't even be able to tell anything happened in the first place.

Hot water is the simplified way of doing this hack, but if you have a heat gun or hair dryer, these methods will also work for heating up the plastic. If you happen to get a dent on your metal panels, the process is a little trickier. But, this same method has been used before with dings located on the thinner panels, such as the quarters and fenders. Considering lots of cars nowadays have plenty of plastic on them, this is definitely good to know.

Who wants to pay an arm and a leg at a body shop when you can do the same thing at home for free? Plastic bumpers may not be anywhere near the strength of metal ones, but you damn sure can't do this with a steel bumper!

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