You know, they really just don’t make truck advertisements like they used to. I mean think about it: Back in the ’70s and ’80s, you’d see commercials where a Chevy would be pulling a full-on 747 airplane, other trucks would be hitting wicked off-road jumps, and Ford even made one of the F-250 hauling a Chevy in the bed while also towing a Dodge and GMC up an incline. It was a great time for automotive rivalries.

Take this Chevrolet commercial from 1976, for example. Country singer Tom T. Hall was featured in this ad alongside a man throwing a shot put. To prove the toughness of the Chevy, he throws the shot directly inside the truck bed, hitting one of the bedside panels. The camera then pans to the dent it left, and it was pretty minimal. Their main point was to show that the dent wouldn’t show up on the outside of the bed thanks to the double steel wall design.

I’d like to see them do that with a modern Silverado and compare the results. Something tells me that some of the newer models might not hold up near as well as this one did. Who knows though, I could be surprised. One thing is for sure: They definitely proved the durability of the ’77 Chevy truck bed with this stunt.

It was pretty hilarious to see the extremes that Ford, Chevy, and Dodge all went to in order to showcase their truck superiority. I know there is still a rivalry between the Big 3, but it’s nowhere near as intense as it used to be. These guys were taking shots at each other left and right at every opportunity. While sometimes over the top, there’s no denying that it was entertaining. Why don’t we see stuff like this anymore? We’ve gone soft. Bring back the real truck test commercials with epic stunts!

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