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A Complete Look at the Titan of the Ford F-Series: The F-750


There are trucks, and then there are TRUCKS.

Over the years, Ford trucks have evolved quite a bit. When the F-Series was introduced in 1948 as a medium-duty work truck, it was exactly what was needed by many people at the time.

But, what about folks who need something a little more super duty than your average truck?

Ford Motor Company stepped up to the challenge with a range of trucks that can get all sorts of things done. As part of the Ford Commercial Vehicle lineup, these bad mothers rarely get the attention of their more petite siblings, but the cool points are still there.


Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration: The Ford F-750.

A Peek Inside the F-750 Trucks

The F-750 is officially the largest Ford vehicle in the F-series. With a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of up to 37,000 pounds and a Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of up to 50,000 pounds, there's a reason the words "SUPER DUTY" are plastered all over the cabin of these trucks.

For the most part, the F-750 and Ford F-650 (it's slightly smaller sibling) are intended as commercial trucks. People who purchase these trucks are buying a chassis with an attached cab, because they're designed to be upfit into a variety of serious work trucks. We're talking dump trucks, commercial delivery trucks, flatbeds, and tow trucks. Of course, that didn't stop Shaquille O'Neal from buying a Ford F-650 and tricking it out, but that's beside the point.


What Type of Engine Is Required to Power the Ford F-750?

Answer: Big.

The 2021 Ford F-750SD offers a choice between a gas engine and a diesel engine. The gas engine comes as a pro-loader or straight frame, while diesel engine drivers have a choice of a straight frame, pro-loader, or diesel tractor layout.

The gas option is a 7.3L V8 engine, which provides 350 horsepower and 468 lb.-ft of torque. It's got "Best in Class" plastered all over it, as the highest output, highest displacement gas engine offered in Class 6 and 7 vehicles.

But, a lot of people looking at trucks this size are diesel purists. Understandable. In that case, check out the 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel engine offering. The standard power rating on this particular beast is 270 horsepower and 700 lb.-ft of torque, but those who are shopping for a new Ford Super Duty truck can select between the standard version, or two options: a 300-horsepower, 725 lb.-ft version, or even a 330-horsepower, 750 lb.-ft selection.


Regardless, this engine has most of your massive jobs covered.

What's It Like to Drive a Ford F-750?

Granted, these are commercial trucks, so you'll likely need a special operating license to drive them, but they're not so very different from smaller Ford medium duty trucks.

The F-750 includes a Ford TorqShift HD 6-speed automatic transmission, which is designed to handle the very different relationship with physics trucks this size have. That means your truck won't run away with you going downhill, nor will you putter and grind your way uphill.


Just like daily driver trucks, you'll have your choice of three cab sizes, including the two-door Regular Cab, or the four-door SuperCab and Crew Cab. The driver and front passenger get cozy bucket seats, too. Ford actually took the time to make sure all drivers felt comfortable behind the steering wheel for those long work days.

The instrument panel is exactly where you'd expect it to be, with easy-to-read gauges. In fact, you can even purchase a huge F-750 with the driver assist technology found in a daily driver. Traction control is standard, and hill start assist is standard on vehicles with hydraulic brakes. Add on auto high beam headlamps, adaptive cruise control (for models with air brakes), audible and visual lane departure warnings, and forward collision warning.

Heck, the F-750 trucks even have standard Bluetooth.

As far as pricing, the Ford F-750 lineup has a starting MSRP of $57,620, which is the bottom line cash payment for the F-650 and F-750SD gas engine pro-loader. It just goes up from there.


So, if you've been wondering what Ford's largest F-series truck is, here she be. In fact, the Ford F-750 has been hiding in plain sight for a long time, working hard to keep our world running. Next time you encounter a massive truck at work, check out the badging. You might have just encountered an F-750 in the wild.

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