Ah, you have to love the lifted pickup truck stereotypes. Chances are you’ve heard a few of them before, but Ginger Billy on YouTube decided to make an entire skit out of it. Some of the things that leave his mouth are just downright hilarious, and I’d say he pretty much nailed it on this one.

These stereotypes weren’t just made out of thin air. I’ve actually personally met quite a few lifted truck owners who possessed the same type of mentality. Some people moderately lift a truck to actually use it off-road, and they’re normally pretty cool people. However, the drivers that own the “mall crawlers” are the ones you’ll find with these ridiculous behaviors. You know, those guys that purchase a $60,000 truck, lift it sky high, throw on big wheels with rubber band tires, and never actually take it off the pavement. If it’s not lifted at least 10 inches, you’re just a squid.

Now, of course Ginger Billy used the classic joke about these drivers lacking size in more important areas, but he also included so many others good ones. Some of my favorite lines included when he said, “I drive a $70,000 jacked up truck, and I live in a $50,000 double-wide. That’s what you call investment.”

Another good one was “Hey man, you said your truck’s got a six-inch lift with 35’s? That’s cute, I remember my first lift kit. That’s a 12-inch lift, 44-inch swampers. I get five miles to the gallon.” In all honesty, that ’79 Ford used in the video was a pretty damn good looking truck.

Just remember, if you drive around in a big jacked-up truck, there’s going to be at least a couple people on the road that assume this is your personality. But, hey, when you’re in a lifted truck, you can’t even see the traffic around you, so why does it matter what those peasants think?


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