If you’re at all in the loop when it comes to recent viral video crazes, you’re probably familiar with the “In My Feelings” challenge, in which participants get out of moving cars and record themselves dancing alongside to the hit Drake song “In My Feelings.”

Now, getting out of a car while it’s still moving and doing stupid stuff on or around it has existed long before that challenge in the form of a phenomenon knowns as “ghost riding the whip.” If you’re not familiar with ghost riding, you’re way behind on the times and should probably just stop reading this article, go look it up right up now. It’s okay, take your time. We’ll wait.

Did you look it up yet? Pretty crazy, right? Surprisingly, despite the obvious safety risks associated with this wild stunt, there are actually folks out there who attempt to ghost ride their whips for all to see. Whether through actual coordination or just pure luck, some drivers are able to successfully pull it off, while others fail miserably and either end up crashing their cars, hurting themselves, or both. Unfortunately for one pickup driver, the video above features someone from the latter category.

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As you can see from the footage of this ghost riding attempt gone wrong, the guy was lucky he didn’t end up getting way more severely hurt. There were several different moments, from him getting on top of his truck to him jumping off the truck to the truck crashing into the telephone pole to the truck rolling back towards the driver, where this dude could’ve gotten seriously more messed up.


Technically, the video doesn’t show the immediate aftermath of the epic fail, so for all we know, this wannabe Darwin Award winner could’ve gone to the hospital for some seriously injuries. At the very least, he definitely ended up sustaining a bruised ego.

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