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Why a $900 Crown Victoria Is a Solid Purchase


Did you grow up always wanting to be a cop? Maybe it didn't work out, but that childhood fantasy still lives on. Well, for about $900 bucks, you can pretend all you want by picking up an old, beat-up Ford Crown Victoria police car.

That's right, every day there are hundreds of old Crown Vics auctioned off for dirt cheap to the public with no restrictions, meaning you can use it just like any other car. All the police specific equipment gets stripped out first, so don't get your hopes up on having a roll bar with a divider, gun racks, a loud speaker, and a bunch of bright lights screwed in all over the body. What you do get is a V8, rear-wheel drive, a tough rear end, huge trunk, and, according to the guys at Car Throttle, a certified drifting machine.

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The car was built on the ancient "Panther" platform that ran from 1978-2011, and Ford cashed in on this basic setup by producing 10 million cars on it. They include not only the Crown Vic, but the LTD, Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town cars. Safe to say you will have your pick of replacement parts for a long time coming.

The most used police cars now are the Ford Explorers, Tauruses, and Dodge Chargers. Although fine vehicles, there's something special about the old "Vic." Mainly that you could just do a sweet donut in the middle of the road to turn around quickly and chase down the bad guy.

Check out the video Car Throttle made explaining their experience in owning one of the most feared cars on the road. Just don't go pulling people over because you are still not a real copper.

This post was originally published on June 7, 2017.


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