Inside the Cockpit of F-22 Raptor
YouTube: F-22 Demo Team

Video Gives an Epic Look Inside Cockpit of F-22 Raptor


Up until pretty recently, it was fairly uncommon to stumble across footage of the U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft, the F-22 Raptor. As a matter of fact, pictures and videos of the stealth fighter were actually highly restricted from being observable since its first flight back in 1997, especially from inside the cockpit. They weren't impossible to find, but rare, and people showed their desire to see more.

For the first time, however, a Raptor cockpit video was released to social media in 2019 by the F-22 demonstration team, and it shows us some incredible footage from the inside of the fighter jet as it boasts its maneuverability during an air show performance. Take a look at this incredible military aircraft as it establishes air dominance in the skies in the video above.

F-22A Raptor Specs

The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor was specifically developed for the United States Air Force. It's a single-seat, twin-engine, all-weather combat aircraft designed mainly to be a USAF air superiority fighter. In other words, its job is to establish dominance in the sky against any other enemy aircraft.


The Air Force F-22 cockpit features a unique frameless glass shape with a head-up display (HUD) inside. There is also additional information, which can be seen on the liquid-crystal display panels. The primary flight control system includes a force-sensitive side-stick controller and a pair of throttles. It has integrated radio functionality ,and the integrated control panel (ICP) is a keypad system for entering navigation, communications, and autopilot data.

This advanced tactical fighter comes equipped with ground attack, signal intelligence, and even electronic warfare. While Lockheed Martin produces a majority of the plane, including the airframe and weapons systems, Boeing also produces components such as the wings, aft fuselage, avionics integration, and training systems. The result is a high-speed jet capable of hitting 1,500 MPH or Mach 2.25.

The weaponry on board the jet is enough to scare off just about anyone. It comes with a M61A2 Vulcan rotary cannon that holds 480 rounds, six medium range air-to-air missiles, two short range sidewinder missiles. Additionally, for ground attack, it can hold eight GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs, while also fitting four hardpoints under the wings. Not only does it attack well, but it defends just as good. You'll find a radar system capable of targeting up to 250 miles away, a missile launch detector, a radar warning receiver, and flares for additional protection.

When it comes to global security, this is one fighter jet that you want to have on your side. It was made to establish dominance, and that's exactly what it does. Getting to see a look into the F-22's cockpit in this video is something that people have wanted to see for a while, and, hopefully, we'll get to see more videos being released in the near future.


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