dillon tactical vehicle
YouTube: Winston Cheuk

Tactical Vehicle Comes With a Retractable Minigun, and That's Not All


This isn't exactly your typical GMC Yukon. In fact, it's far from it. Just wait a few seconds into the video, and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. What you're looking at is the Dillon Aero Convoy Escort Vehicle, and it offers exceptional protection for VIPs in need of it.

The seemingly normal SUV transforms into a deadly weapon in a split second. A concealed Dillon Aero M134D minigun has the ability to be deployed in only three seconds, and it can be fully re-concealed in about eight seconds. The gun can rotate 360 degrees on the roof, elevate between -10 and +45 degrees, and has a mind-blowing rapid fire rate through its six barrels. In the video, you can see how fast those spent cartridges are spilling out. For safety reasons, the gun also includes an interlock system and safety switch, which eliminates the power to the weapon when stored.

While the hidden gun is impressive, the vehicle itself also has a handful of options available. You can get this SUV equipped with all kinds of goodies, including B6 level armor, run-flat tires, law enforcement strobe lights, sirens, fuel tank protection, and other emergency equipment. Additionally, you can get a supercharger upgrade for the engine, heavy-duty suspension, window tint, and even additional magazine capacity on limited platforms. Fully decked out, this CEV has the ability to be a serious threat, so just hope you're not on the receiving end of things.


It's always astounding to see the advancements that develop in tactical equipment. The scariest part about this whole thing is just how well everything is hidden. Whatever target they are after will have virtually no time to react after this minigun is deployed. Then again, I think that's exactly what they were going for.

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