how to get car to make sharper turns
YouTube: ChrisFix

This Steering Angle Mod Allows Your Car to Make Sharper Turns

If you're having car troubles of any kind and are looking to go the DIY route rather than paying a mechanic, ChrisFix has got you covered. The successful YouTuber has been making helpful how-to videos for years now, and whether you're a clueless newbie who needs some hand holding or an experienced modder who just needs a refresher course, Chris has tips of the trade for any and all who are willing to learn.

Back in October 2017, ChrisFix dropped yet another awesome tutorial on us when he demonstrated how to improve the basic handling of your car. The best part about this video is that the whole thing is simple, and, depending on if you already own some jack stands, it might only cost you a few bucks.

Chris was looking for a way to improve the turn radius on his Mustang. American muscle is known for one thing really, and it's not being nimble in a corner, so the Mustang started the journey with a 19 foot turning radius. K-turns for days!

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Chris he was able to significantly decrease that radius by putting the car up on jack stands and removing the steering rack limiters. The newly freed wheels weren't ready yet, they now had the potential to rub on the well of the tires. To counteract that, Chris bought some PVC pipe that matched the size of the limiters and created his own.

At this point the problem is essentially solved. Chris does go on to add some wheel adapters, giving him even tighter cornering, so you can always follow that route too for good handling. Did he do it again or did he do it again?!

This post was originally published on October 9, 2017.

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