blinker fluid prank YouTube: Rohe; Amazon Screenshot
YouTube: Rohe; Amazon Screenshot

In case you didn’t know, electrical systems don’t generally need “fluid” in order to operate. In fact, fluid would probably detrimental to systems like, say, a turn signal. However, this might not be as obvious as it seems to anyone who doesn’t have automotive experience. One father took advantage of this fact when he sent his daughter into an auto parts store to buy a bottle of “blinker fluid,” something that doesn’t actually exist.

Luckily, everyone involved seemed to enjoy the prank. And, if you’re wondering how you can recreate or expand upon this hilarity, you’re in the right place — we have a few ideas of our own. You’ve heard of muffler bearings (another completely made-up product), now get to know the joy that blinker fluid can bring.

What Is Blinker Fluid?

Literally nothing. It does not exist. Which is what makes this video so fantastic. Much like the muffler bearings of days-gone-by, blinker fluid is something someone (probably a dad) made up to embarrass their friends and family. Since most people have caught on to the idea of muffler bearings, we are happy to see a new fake product filling the void left by the non-existent product.

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The Blinker Fluid Prank

If you’re looking to take the blinker fluid prank to the next level, you can actually buy blinker fluid on Amazon as a gag gift and tell your daughter or son to refill the car like any other easy DIY. Make sure they don’t forget the elbow grease. Bonus points if you find a way to keep them off Google or YouTube — maybe now is a good time to ground them in preparation.

Or, just download this high-quality, convenient coupon to really sell your family and friends on the existence of the blinker fluid. Either way, you’ll have a great memory to look back on, and hopefully teach your children the value of a little good old fashioned parental embarrassment. Even better, at this point, most auto parts stores and auto mechanics have caught onto the viral “blinker fluid” sensation. Which means they might play along for a while before letting your victim know that they have been bamboozled.


This post was originally published on November 4, 2019.

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