red light running crash test
YouTube: IIHS

Crash Test Shows What Happens When You Run a Red Light

In 2016, more than 800 people died in crashes involving red light running. But, rather than just present that stat and expect people to take it seriously, the folks over at the Institute for Highway Safety decided to conduct a little crash test demonstration to show just how dangerous it is to run a red light.

In the above video, a Ford F-150 is shown T-boning a 2007 Chrysler Sebring into oblivion. As it turns out, the real crash that this test demonstration was based on happened back in 2012 in Yuma, Arizona and ended in the driver of the Sebring being seriously injured.

The simulation takes place in an indoor testing facility, where the pickup sprints out of the gate and cracks an approaching sedan on its side. Interior shots capture the moment of impact, as a test dummy's neck is shown snapping away from shattered glass and a crushed center console.

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In the YouTube description, the IIHS advocates for the use of red light cameras to reduce the number of incidents with a call for policymakers to use its red light camera checklist to create and enforce programs in their communities.

"To encourage cities and localities to use automated enforcement, four national safety organizations have developed a red light camera checklist for local policymakers, law enforcement agencies and transportation officials," the description reads.

"Released by AAA, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Safety Council, the checklist provides practical instructions for planning, implementing and evaluating red light camera programs, including steps to help communities build and maintain public support."

As you can see, red light running is definitely no joke.

This post was originally published on December 27, 2018.

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