chevy boat launch fail
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Boat Launch Gone Wrong Ruins Brand New Chevy Silverado


Cars may take a beating, but there are some things you just don't do. Vehicles don't necessarily have to be well-maintained to run, but making sure your ride gets some care does go a long way. Keep it clean, check your tire pressure and fluids, don't drown it in a lake. You know, the little things.

Water damage can be extremely costly. Most vehicles have delicate inner workings that are not meant to be wet. While they can take the occasional wash or heavy downpour, automobiles are not designed to be wet, let alone submerged. One poor Chevrolet Silverado owner found out the hard way that nature beats man every time.

Next time you go to launch your boat, jet ski, or whatever, remember this video. This brand new Chevy Silverado lost complete traction on the ramp when it fell victim to the slippery slope that is moss and algae growth. The truck couldn't maintain its grip, and slowly slid into the lake. As shiny as it still looks, it's a total loss for the vehicle.


It appears that the driver went down to the lake for some fun on the water, but got a much wilder ride than they bargained for. Chevy trucks are powerful, but the truck just didn't have enough traction to stay perched on that slippery ramp. I'm sure the short distance from the water, along with the trailer and the ramp's angle didn't do the driver any favors either.

The owner was able to get someone to tow the Chevy from the lake, but it had clearly been through the wringer. The white truck was fully submerged, until the tow caused it to peek its roof and hood above water.

You may love your truck so much that you want to do everything with it. We highly discourage you from taking a swim with it. All jokes aside, this video is a cautionary tale to all truck owners who want to take a trip to the lake. Inspect that ramp before putting your baby anywhere near that thing. Sounds picky and high-maintenance, but it's better than your brand new truck being taken for a loss.

This article was originally published on May 6, 2019.


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