car launches after hitting tire
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SUV Goes Flying After Hitting Tire, and It All Looked Like a Hollywood Stunt

Accidents happen. Accidents are unfortunately an inevitable part of life. Automobiles are built and driven by humans, so they can fall victim to human error like anything else. Some accidents are much worse than others. Fender benders are not uncommon, and drivers will usually witness a nasty accident or two in their lifetime. Hopefully, you're not the one behind the wheel.

Collisions can be fatal, and cars and trucks often experience accidents without others involved. Some accidents can be explained, while others are beyond explanation. The accident you are about to see is the latter. It looks like it came straight out of a movie scene.

The blue SUV appeared to be cruising in the middle lane until something unpredictable happened. Somehow, the SUV hit a tire, and the entire vehicle immediately became unbalanced. After the SUV made contact with the tire, the madness ensued.

The SUV flipped into the lane to the right of it multiple times as sparks flew. Another driver recorded the incident as the insane accident took place. The footage is horrifying, because one could only imagine what the driver endured as the SUV flipped. It is a miracle that the accident wasn't worse.

Anything can happen when you're behind the wheel. One small mishap could lead to a deadly accident. It's unclear what caused the tire to roll into the path of the SUV, but it is definitely a rare occurrence. The driver may not consider themselves lucky, but the fact that they landed upright is a blessing. This accident looks like it could have been part of a Fast & Furious film.

If there is one thing we can learn from this clip, it is to expect the unexpected. There were very few things the driver could have done to avoid the tire at that speed, but if they did, they would have avoided a major accident. The road is only as safe as the drivers that navigate it. The rolling tire might not have looked dangerous, but thanks to physics, it was able to launch an entire SUV into the air.

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