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Shocking Video Shows Pickup Truck Exploding at Burger King Drive-Thru


BEEBE, Ark. (AP) -- A man who was driving his pickup truck through a central Arkansas Burger King drive-thru has suffered severe burns after the vehicle exploded at the window.

Ron Daniel told KARK that he had just picked up a propane tank and decided to stop for a couple burgers Friday when he heard a hissing sound. He realized the tank was leaking so he went turn the tank's valve off.

"The minute I stuck my hand in and touched it, it burst into flames," he said.


Daniel, 78, said he walked a few feet away to wait for emergency services. Soon after, the truck exploded.

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"I looked up and saw debris in the air and I just took off running," Daniel said.

Daniel said his body is covered in blisters. He was released from the hospital Friday evening.


No one else was injured in the explosion but the truck was destroyed. Local police and fire arrived and put out the fireball.

Daniel said he was sorry he caused such a problem. He also said he was charged for the two burgers he never received, but he isn't holding it against the restaurant.

Beebe is about 30 miles (48 kilometers) northeast of Little Rock.

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