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Dashcam Footage Captures the Terrifying Moment a Head-on Crash Ended in a Fiery Explosion


Unless it's in a big-budget action movie, crashes like the one in the video above are not the types that people usually walk away from. This is the kind of incident that all too often ends in tragedy. That's why it's so incredible that 18-year-old Sam LaChance was able to survive this extreme head-on collision with a semi-truck in Dublin, New Hampshire.

After the Jeep Wrangler that LaChance was driving in drifted into the lane of an oncoming truck, the ensuing collision tore the semi's diesel fuel tanks completely open, leading to a fireball of epically terrifying proportions. Marc Cramer, whose dashcam captured the massive explosion, was driving right behind LaChance with his teenage son when the fiery crash happened.

With the help of another driver, the Cramers were able to drag the unconscious LaChance out of the wreck. While the truck driver only suffered minor injuries, LaChance sustained second- and third-degree burns as well as a fractured foot and a ruptured spleen.


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"Absolutely a miracle. Everyone was in the right place at the right time," Sam's mother Jessica LaChance told WHDH News. "Total disbelief. I didn't realize how horrible it actually was. A mom's worst nightmare."

"To see the people who came and rescued him, I'm so grateful."


Sam's father, Daniel LaChance, added, "As a parent, you don't ever want to get that phone call."

"It just kind of breaks my heart."

While LaChance will likely remain in the hospital for a couple months to recover from his serious injuries, it's remarkable that the accident didn't end up being a fatal crash.

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