rc car catches fire
YouTube: Constructive Destruction

RC Car Catches Fire During Burnout



This is definitely an interesting way to destroy an RC car. In order to get a burnout going, this guy ties a small weight to the back of his mini Dodge Challenger. It works like a charm, because when he went full throttle, the rear tires break loose and the car remained stationary, so he could really let her eat.

It starts out pretty good, and it doesn't take too long before you start to see some smoke. However, it would have been much more impressive if that smoke was actually coming from the tires, rather than the electric motor. The car begins to develop some bad wheels hops, but the driver keeps this thing pinned. The smoke continues to get thicker, but things go from bad to worse when his rear wheels stop turning, but the motor doesn't. You can hear the odd crackling noises of the gears stripping, and once they finally do, things heat up.

At this point, the motor was just controlling itself, and the faster it ran, the hotter the car got. The glow of the fire begins to be seen from the bottom of the car, and a few fireballs shoot up soon after. Once the fire gets going, this RC car melts down to nothing.


Even though this is just a toy car, you can still take notes from this video. The scenario perfectly matches up with how a real car would react in this scenario. Picture this: You're doing a burnout in your car, and, suddenly, your wheels stop spinning, but your engine is still high-revving while you're in gear.

The gears stripping on the RC car is similar to your clutch slipping in a real car. If you continue to hold the RPM of the engine, and the clutch continues to cause friction, you better believe your ride would eventually catch flames in the same way this toy car did. The above video shows the outcome, so you don't have to figure it out in your own car.

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