motorcyclist kicks car, chain-reaction crash
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Motorcyclist Kicks Car and Causes Insane Chain-Reaction Crash


Wow. That looked like a wild stunt from straight out of a Mission: Impossible movie or something. People really do some crazy stuff in the name of road rage these days. But, if you've seen even a handful of the Crash & Burn videos we post here, you probably already knew that.

This high-speed road rage incident went down in Santa Clarita, California (which is just north of Los Angeles) back in June 2017. But, it wasn't until around early 2019 that the motorcyclist responsible for one of the most over-the-top cases of road rage we've ever seen pleaded no contest for his role in the ensuing craziness. He ended up earning three years of probation.

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As you can see from the above dashcam footage, which was provided by driver Chris Traber, a simple kick from 45-year-old motorcyclist Andrew Flanigan caused the driver of the silver sedan to slam into a highway barrier, and then spin back into the 14 Freeway, crashing into a passing truck and causing it to flip over. Before this, we'd never seen an actual kick cause a chain-reaction crash, yet here we are.

The truck driver ended up sustaining moderate injuries from the road rage crash, and Flanigan ultimately got arrested by the California Highway Patrol and was hit with such felony charges as assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving, and hit and run.

Now, you're probably asking yourself, "What caused this all to go down in the first place." Well, according to Traber, ""Words went back and forth." Unfortunately, that's not all that went back and forth, but thankfully, there were no serious casualties.

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