florida man loogie road rage
YouTube: ViralHog

Florida Man Hocks a Loogie on Driver's Windshield


All things considered, having someone spit on your windshield can seem like a fairly tame expression of road rage, especially when you think about all of the other more extreme methods that can be used to escalate roadway confrontations. You know, like full-on brawls in the street or high-speed crashes that are caused on purpose. We've all seen those go down before, and it doesn't seem like it can really get much more intense than that.

Though, there is something about the aggressive hocking of a loogie onto another driver's windshield that is almost more intimidating than your typical act of road rage. According to the person on the other end of this road rage incident in Florida, the spit take captured in the above dashcam video wasn't quite as harmless as you might think.

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The video's description reads, "My first encounter with the man was him hanging out the window yelling 'Do you want to die today? I will F'ing kill you right now.' until the light changed in which I ended up behind him on Fruitville Road turning onto US 41 in Sarasota. I took out my phone to video any potential interactions with the guy. I found out that this man has violence charges on his record. The police are pursuing ways to charge him with something but hasn't been any results yet."

Yikes! We don't have too much more information about this clear act of road rage, but I'm assuming the hocker of said loogie ended up facing some sort of criminal charges. That doesn't seem like something you could just get away with, even in the state of Florida.

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