dump truck crushes suv
YouTube Screenshot

Massive Haul Truck Crushes an SUV With Mechanics Inside, and the Footage Is Wild



If you're afraid of near-death experiences, I'd probably recommend looking away from this video. A few mechanics were called out to a mining site to fix an air conditioning issue on a Suzuki car. Little did they know, the driver of a massive haul truck was unaware that the Suzuki was just in front of it. The footage that was captured by the dashcam is enough to give you goosebumps.

The video shows the gigantic dump truck turn on its engine, while the mechanics are inside the car working on the AC issue. Shortly after, we see the wheels turn in the direction of the car, before it starts moving forward. Instantly, the workers inside the vehicle begin to shout at the operator to stop, but there was virtually no chance that he would hear them. You can genuinely hear the fear in their voices. Their lives very likely flashed before their eyes as the truck continued forward even after making contact with the car.

The entire front end of the Suzuki gets demolished by the haul truck, but luckily the occupied cab of the car stays intact. It appeared that the car made contact with the center section of the front cross member on the haul truck. While it did some damage, it pushed the car instead of flattening it. Fortunately for the mechanics, someone must have called over the radio to tell that haul truck driver to stop. Had it continued on, this entire car would have been pancaked with the people inside of it.


I think it's safe to assume the air conditioning on this Suzuki didn't get fixed on this day. In fact, they got a totaled vehicle instead. I am a bit curious as to how this played out after the fact, because it seems like they should get some kind of compensation for nearly getting killed. It's instances like this that show you why there are so many safety standards in place on a mining site.

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