container ship nearly plows through field
YouTube: Corinne Vigniel

Massive Container Ship Nearly Plows Through Soccer Fields


Accidents happen. Sometimes we pay professionals substantial sums of money to make sure they don't happen. There are many hazardous jobs that people take to make ends meet. Every now and then, someone working one of these high-risk jobs slips up.

Drivers do not have the luxury of making mistakes. Once you are controlling a vehicle, you have your life and potentially the lives of many others in your hands. Truck drivers, plane pilots, and ship captains know the feeling. The bigger the vehicle, the higher the risk of things taking a turn for the worse.

Check out this video to see one instance of a really close call.


Could you imagine being out in this field, only to look over at the nearby harbor to see a huge freighter coming at you? The weight of a single container could crush a human. Something, whether it was a mechanical malfunction or the captain falling asleep at the wheel, caused the ship to lurch towards Hong Kong University's soccer field. Thankfully, it stopped just before a disastrous collision.

The damage would have been cataclysmic if the cargo ship had crashed into the field. Judging by the size of the ship, the field would have taken a huge hit. The large amount of cargo could have fallen into the ocean or been badly damaged as well as a result of the crash. It would have been a very bad day for the crew members of that boat. The ship itself could have suffered damages that would call for expensive repairs.

It only takes one costly mistake to cause a whole lot of trouble when dealing with any vehicle this massive. With great power, comes great responsibility, and often great danger. It turns out that even on the water, you've got to keep your eyes peeled for obstructions like, say, a huge university soccer field. Thankfully, it seems like no one was injured and nothing was damaged. This bungle did make for some great footage for the daydreaming students at Hong Kong University.

This article was originally posted on April 17, 2019.


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