man hitting firetruck with baseball bat
YouTube: ViralHog

Unhinged Man Hits a Firetruck With a Baseball Bat, Before Getting Taken Down by Police

I'm not entirely positive what provoked this situation, but it's certainly interesting to watch the scene play out. In Miami, Florida last month, a famous Spanish artist was caught on video standing in the middle of the street and causing a little bit of chaos. This is some crazy stuff you need to see to believe.

As the clip starts, we see the man standing in the busy intersection with a baseball bat in his hands. He stares right at a local firetruck and starts walking directly toward it. He then swings the bat and makes contact with the firetruck's windshield, which ends up cracking. Turns out, that's not the smartest move, because these guys were pretty quick to put an end to this. They blare the sirens and the air horn at him, then police officers show up shortly after.

He dropped the bat as soon as police arrived, so it didn't appear like he wanted any more confrontation. What's even crazier is that he pulled out his phone to film the scene, almost like he was proud of what he did. With the help of both the firefighters and the officers, the man promptly gets taken to the ground, handcuffed, and arrested for his actions. I mean, come on, what did that firetruck ever do to him? The whole thing was definitely uncalled for, pointless, and a sure way to get taken to jail. It's unclear what he was actually trying to accomplish here, but stupid games win stupid prizes.

Now that's what I'd consider instant karma! I'm sure the windshields on those firetrucks aren't cheap, but this dude will likely be paying for it with all the fines he just racked up. Fortunately, no one was injured during all this. Of course, it had to be a Florida man doing something like this. Just add it to the list of wild occurrences in The Sunshine State.

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