2 vs. 1 road rage fight
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Driver Beats Up 2 Road Rage Attackers With Ease

If you would've told me before watching this video that two dudes -- one armed with a baseball bat -- would be on the losing end of this road rage battle, I'd tell you to go take a hike. But, apparently they picked a battle with the second coming of Chuck Norris, which they found out in less time than it takes tie your shoes.

This is what can only be described as a failed attempt by two bullies looking for an easy mark. Because the other driver was anything but an easy target. Let's just say that he should be waiting on a call from UFC president Dana White for the way he handled these two goons.

WATCH: 2 vs. 1 Road Rage Fight

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As you can see from the above video, the first road-raging idiot jumped out of his car and retrieved a baseball bat, encouraging the other driver to get out of his vehicle. Guess what? That was a big mistake. After he took a swing at the target of his road rage with the bat, the angry guy took a right hook to the face, which promptly put him to sleep. Then his buddy wanted in on the action.

You'd figure that after watching his cohort get put to sleep, he'd want no part of this madness, but there's some dumb people out there. So, after a little tussle, the second guy joined his KO'd buddy, after he was choked unconscious via rear-naked choke. The only thing missing from this crazy fight was commentary from Joe Rogan.

This post was originally published on December 14, 2018.

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