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Illinois Cyclist's Life Flashes Before His Eyes as Truck T-Bones Him

Let's start this one off with some data. According to, Illinois is the 12th deadliest state for cyclists. Between 2010 and 2012, the Prairie state saw 80 total cycling deaths with an annual average of 27 deaths.

As you can see from the above video, one cyclist in Burbank, Illinois just narrowly avoided becoming a statistic after an oblivious truck driver crashed right into him. The guy came mere INCHES from being crushed. It doesn't really get much closer than that.

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Per Daily Mail:

At 3.22pm, on October 10, in Burbank, the unnamed victim was riding his bicycle on along a sidewalk, past the exit of a gas station parking lot where a truck was waiting to pull out.

The cyclist raised his hand to signal the truck driver of his presence, but at that exact moment the driver began to pull into the street and drives directly into the rider.

A nearby car let loose a myriad of honks to let the distracted driver know he'd just hit a person, but the truck continued on oblivious, running over the bike and almost driving over the cyclist, now lying strewn in the street.

As they enter the middle lane, the truck almost collides with a white SUV.

For a few seconds, the man stays on the ground as he collects his bearings.

According to the the YouTube video's caption, the truck driver had no idea the potentially deadly situation they had just been a part of.

"The truck driver kept going until two other trucks pulled him over to tell him he had hit a person on a bike," the caption read.

There haven't been any updates regarding the condition of the cyclist, but considering that he appears to get up immediately after getting T-boned, it looks like he wasn't seriously banged up. Well, physically anyway. It'll probably take a little while before this dude heals from the emotional wounds of his near-death experience.

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