garbage truck bursts into flames
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Garbage Truck Erupts Into Flames After Hydraulic Line Bursts


It's easy to see why this garbage truck video ended up going viral. During an ordinary day of work, this driver got caught in a bad situation after his truck equipment failed, causing flames to shoot up right behind him. On the bright side, he did exit the truck quickly, and, luckily, no one was injured.

It kind of hits you off guard at first. Here, you think you're about to watch a video of a trash truck just doing its job, and then, all of the sudden, BOOM. Fireball! Also, why is this guy just randomly filming the trash truck? He didn't even flinch when the truck burst into flames. Either he's got nerves of steel, or he knew this was going to happen. Maybe he's just someone who likes to film garbage trucks, or maybe he's a trained hitman. Either way, let the conspiracy theories begin.

All jokes aside, you'll notice that, just seconds before the truck erupts into flames, the hydraulic line bursts. This sent hydraulic fluid in pretty much every direction, but, most importantly, it shoots right onto the exhaust, which then caused it to light up. According to the video's description, the flames died out shortly after this video ended.


It's important to note that hydraulic fluid isn't extremely flammable compared to other fluids, and it does have a high flash point. The exhaust was hot enough to light it, but this is why it died out after the initial fireball.

Two things happened this day. This driver had his craziest day on the job, and the cameraman captured the most interesting footage of his garbage truck filming career. It definitely made for a crazy video, but I'd imagine Waste Management did a few more inspections on their hydraulic lines after seeing this particular incident.

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