ford mustang crash empty parking lot
YouTube: ViralHog

Mustang Crashes Into Pole in Empty Parking Lot


Forget George of the Jungle. This Ford Mustang owner is George of the Parking Lot. Watch out for that pole!

In the above video, which was originally uploaded to Facebook by Brandon Calderon, one foolish Mustang owner attempted to take advantage of a mostly-empty parking lot by doing some donuts, a fairly common activity for irresponsible 'Stang drivers. Well, the dude's little rubber-burning session ending up costing him big time, because he lost control of the situation and slammed his ride directly into the concrete base of a light pole. Not great!

"This is why Mustangs get a bad rep," writes Calderon. "Went out to one of my fav parking garages for rollers and pictures last night with my girl when all of the sudden a dude with a 5.0 shows up and starts doing donuts. I kept the camera going & then this happened... Please have some respect for our surroundings."


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Calderon's footage of the incident -- which took place right around Houston, Texas -- ultimately racked up more than one million views on Facebook. That's a whole lot of folks experiencing schadenfreude of the highest degree.

The 24-second video was also uploaded to YouTube, where one commenter (and likely NASCAR fan) came up with my favorite burn: "That's not what they mean by pole position." Major own! Ok, this one also got me: "At least the car had the good sense to open its own doors to let its idiot owners out." Yikes! Talk about adding insult to injury.

Hopefully, the offending Mustang owner isn't reading this, but if he is, here's a little bit of advice: Just stay off the internet for a few days, man. I'm sure this will all blow over soon.


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