fiat uno vs. bmw police car crash test
YouTube: dynamictestcenter

Fiat Uno vs. BMW Police Wagon in 55 MPH Crash Test

Crash tests serve a twofold purpose: 1) They show us how far automotive safety has come over the years, and 2) they provide epically destructive collision footage from a variety of different angles. Throw some stylish slow motion into the mix, and you've got one awesome combination of education and entertainment.

In this video from Switzerland's independent safety experts at the Dynamic Test Center, a Fiat Uno faced off against a BMW 525d police wagon in a rear-end collision test, with the purpose being to evaluate an officer's safety in a police vehicle loaded with equipment.

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The BMW was loaded with slightly over 460 pounds worth of equipment. On top of that, there was a dummy belted up in the driver's seat, along with two dummies that were safely secured in the back seats. Then, the Fiat Uno was accelerated to a collision speed of around 55 MPH. Cue that beautifully destructive multi-angle, slow-mo crash footage. Talk about one doozy of a fender bender!

Now, onto the results. While the passenger compartment of the Fiat was seriously messed up, the driver airbag of the BMW was triggered in the second collision and the load in the BMW was only slightly damaged. Surprisingly, the BMW's rear glass didn't even break and all of the dummies were safe inside. Success!

Looking for more where that came from? As it turns out, the Dynamic Test Center website actually has a section of crash videos to choose from, including a Mazda 626 frontal impact test and a comparison of a '94 vs. a 2014 Renault Twingo.

If you're looking for a few minutes to kill at the end of a workday, you should definitely check these out.

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