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This Driver Made Herself the Center of Attention When She Drove Down a Flight of Stairs


The phrase "I'll just take the stairs," 99.99% of the time, applies to pedestrians. And, when that's the case, it's usually nothing to write home about. Definitely not something that necessitates whipping out your cell phone and pressing record. But, that .01% of the time when taking the stairs involves anything on wheels? That's when you've got the potential to witness one seriously wild scene. Such was the case for one Acura SUV driver from Vancouver, Canada.

Video of the July 19, 2019 incident shows a woman making quite the exit as she trudges her car down the steps of the Sheraton Wall Center hotel. The footage starts right in the middle of the action, with the offending driver's vehicle uncomfortably situated on the first flight of stairs. Clearly distraught over her predicament, she opens the car door for a moment to try getting the gathering crowd to disperse (as if that won't just draw more attention to the situation), before continuing her ill-advised journey and scraping her SUV's undercarriage all the way down.

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"She stopped halfway down and yelled at bystanders saying, 'I can't see. Don't take pictures of me,'" Ian Lampman, who filmed the craziness on his cell phone, told Global News.

"Then she proceeded to drive all the way down the stairs. When she reached the street level, she just drove off."

"I thought something had happened to her when she stopped and opened the door," Lampman continued.

"But when she yelled that stuff out and then continued to drive down the stairs, I thought she was crazy and could have seriously hurt or killed someone."


Thankfully, there were no casualties that resulted from the woman's stupidity, so we can all laugh at one of the worst driving maneuvers ever captured on video.

This post was originally published on July 22, 2019.

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