dodge truck explodes on dyno
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Dodge Truck Explodes During 3,000-HP Dyno Attempt


Earlier in September, one of the wildest dyno explosions we've ever seen went down at the Weekend on the Edge 2020 event in Ogden, Utah.

Ahead of the explosion, a souped-up Dodge truck known as Master Shredder, packing a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine with 4,026 lb-ft of torque, had just hit 2,920 horsepower on the dyno. Shawn Baca and Kody Pulliam of Industrial Injection Diesel Performance wanted the truck to crank out 3,000 horsepower, and in the process, they swapped the nitrous jets for the truck's third pull. The nitrous overload led to a dyno fireshow of extreme proportions.

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Baca later commented on Facebook about the wild incident, writing, "Well truth be told I don't really know what to say about this other than thank God me and Kody Pulliam walked away from this and nobody was seriously injured."

"Aside from burns and bruises from bailing out[,] we are good. Can't thank everyone enough for the blessings and support through this. Living up to its name. THIS IS THE MASTER SHREDDER! 2,920 horsepower and over 4,000 torque is the number it made prior to this run."

"The push for 3K ended in this. Me and this truck have been through hell and back literally[.] I love and live for this sport or whatever you want to call this madness. Nobody but God himself can take that away from me. Until that day comes I will keep pushing it to the limits. Very grateful nobody was seriously injured; trucks and parts can be replaced. #blessedbeyondmeasure #mastershredder #fullsend."

Wow. Well, thankfully everyone made it out unscathed, because the alternative would've been a tragedy that nobody wants to see. Not to be the one to throw out that overly-used quote, but great power really does come with great responsibility. Especially when nitrous is involved.


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