dc cops total cruisers while drag racing
YouTube: FOX 5 Washington DC

Cops Crash Their Cruisers While Drag Racing on Duty


Most people have a fairly reasonable fantasy, in which they get to borrow a cop car for a day, and find out how fast those Interceptors really can go. Some of those people actually are cops.

You're probably thinking, "Well, I can't blame them. Things are pretty stressful right now, so if they took their cars to the drag strip, it was probably in good sport."

Except these officers did not take their cars to the drag strip. Instead, the race took place on Anacostia Avenue, on the east side of Washington D.C. The speed limit on Anacostia Avenue is 25 miles per hour, but Officer Speed Racer and Officer Penelope Pitstop were going approximately 60 miles per hour when they crashed.

That's right -- not only were they drag racing on public streets, during daylight hours, but the two vehicles involved collided, requiring four officers to be taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. A civilian fence was damaged, and both cruisers were said to be totaled.

Now, there may be more to this story than meets the eye. Perhaps the fence in question was doing something very dangerous or illegal, like moving stolen goods, and the officers rushed over to break things up. These dad puns practically write themselves.

Regardless of the motivation, the Washington D.C. police force issued a statement confirming the details of the accident, and noting "discussions about speeding and driving recklessly with officers" will occur. Allegedly, one of the officers involved was new to the force and may not have known that drag racing on small community streets is verboten.

As expected, those living in the neighborhood where the crash occurred are very much displeased with the events, and hope that the officers involved appreciate the true severity of their actions. According to eyewitnesses, there is a community park nearby, and children often walk these streets.

So, it appears that police officers will now have to do what the rest of us do when we want to get in on some good old-fashioned street racer action: Play it safe, and make sure the 5-0 don't catch you.

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