chevrolet camaro burnout crash
YouTube: William Helmersson Lindström

Driver Crashes '75 Camaro in Burnout Attempt


Let's start this off with a little polling exercise: Everyone who loves to watch burnouts, raise your hand. Now, there's obviously no way for me to know for sure, but I'm assuming everyone reading this raised their hands. That's because everyone loves a good burnout. I do. You do. Your mechanic does. Even your great uncle who makes a scene at every family reunion probably loves a good burnout.

Now, what you are about to watch from out of Luleå, Sweden (or maybe have already watched by now) is not a good burnout. It is a bad burnout. It is a categorically abysmal burnout. And, speaking of polling exercises, here's a driver who conducted one of his own. As in he crashed his 1975 Chevy Camaro right into a light pole. Ouch!

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"I feel so bad because this hero saw that I had a video camera and he wanted to give me good material and show off, but I don't think he planned to give me this good material," writes William Helmersson Lindström, who uploaded the video to YouTube.

Yeah, you could say that again, William. Not only was the Camaro driver probably bummed to see this video pop up on YouTube, but to see that it's also racked up nearly one million views probably just added insult to injury. Sucks to be you, my dude!

Listen to that "clank" sound as the Camaro hits that pole, though. It's the perfect mix of hilarious and sad. The cherry on top of a complete and absolute fail.

Here's hoping that unfortunate Camaro driver learned his lesson and either stopped trying to do burnouts, or traded in the Camaro for a clunker that could sustain a little bit of damage after a few dozen burnouts gone wrong.


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