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Jay Leno and Tim Allen Go Head-to-Head in Burnout Contest on "The Tonight Show"



In the mid '90s, Jay Leno and Tim Allen were two of the biggest stars on television. Yep, this is back before Leno hosted Jay Leno's Garage and Allen was the star on Last Man Standing. Back then, Leno was hosting The Tonight Show, and Allen was in basking in the fame of the hit sitcom Home Improvement.

Both comedians are also avid car aficionados, and when Leno had Allen on the show all those years ago, the talk quickly turned to burnouts. It was a classic battle of one-upmanship, with Allen claiming that he once did a 50-foot burnout, and Leno countering with the claim that his best was between 60 and 70 feet.

To once and for all settle the score on who could do the better burnout, the pair decided to head out to the NBC parking lot and let their skills do the talking. Leno got behind the wheel of his wife's Shelby Cobra, while Allen commandeered his wife's Saleen Mustang. What happened next was some burning out of epic proportions, followed by a pretty funny gag poking fun at Allen's star power to wrap up the whole thing.


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Since that fateful late night show bit, Leno and Allen have teamed up quite a few times for some epic classic car moments. I mean, it's only fitting, now that Leno has a show dedicated to classic cars, that he have Allen on a time or two. You know Jay had to be seriously jealous of Tim's 1968 Camaro 427 COPO.

Now, even though these two buds have gotten a little bit older, their competitiveness is still as fierce as ever.


Pretty good stuff, right? Maybe these two need to link up for a classic car show of their own.

This post was originally published on March 21, 2019.

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