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Toyota Tundra Causes Ford F-150 to Crash on Texas Highway


You may feel safer thinking that every driver is out there, hands at 10 and 2, obeying the rules of the road 24/7, but, as you hopefully know, that just ain't the case. Take the HOV lane, for example. It's reserved for cars carrying a driver and one or more passengers, and yet passenger-less drivers use it all the time to evade sticky traffic situations. Some folks will even go as far as to put mannequins in the passenger seat to pull a fast one on law enforcement.

Every day throughout America, there are probably hundreds of HOV lane cheaters who get away with it without facing any repercussions. Unfortunately for one Toyota Tundra driver in Garland, Texas, he was not one of them.

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As you can see from the above video, the Tundra driver thought he was being sneaky, but severely misjudged his illegal merge and ended up getting smoked by a Ford F-150. Here's how the wild scene went down, according to the driver who got footage of the incident via rear dashcam.

"An impatient driver of a newer black Toyota Tundra cuts into HOV lane going under 10 MPH," reads the video's description. "The vehicles in the HOV are doing 70 MPH. The Tundra driver does not look and a red Ford F150 slams into him at full speed. Sending the red Ford truck flying up in the air and almost over the median into oncoming traffic. Then red Ford can be seen coasting to a stop behind me."

How did this dude even pass his driving test? Not even touching on the illegal use of the HOV lane, but I don't get how the Toyota driver slowly creeped into the lane like that and didn't see the F-150 driver coming up on him. Truly boggles the mind.

This post was originally published on June 26, 2019.


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