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Small Plane Clips Power Lines and Causes Fiery Crash


This is the kind of accident you definitely do not expect to witness on your way home from work. Just think about it. You're sitting at a light, waiting for it to change, and, all of the sudden, an airplane comes screaming in and crashes in front of you. Depending on the end result of said crash, this is something that would certainly shake you to your core.

Now, thankfully, both the pilot and the passenger walked away unharmed from the explosive small plane crash shown in the above video. The terrifying scene, which occurred at Mukilteo, Washington in early May 2017, was captured on the dashcam of driver Guanting Li. The crash's aftermath was especially miraculous, considering the plane clipped power lines and caught fire before slamming into the ground. On paper, it has all the makings of a fatal tragedy, if not at the very least serious injury.

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"A small plane crashed on Harbour Pointe Boulevard SW east of Cyrus Way, damaging several vehicles but causing no serious injuries, police said," writes Q13FOX. "Investigators said the pilot of the Piper aircraft, a man from Oregon, took off from Everett's Paine Field just before 3:30 p.m (the day of the crash) and then began losing engine power."

"He told investigators he was losing too much altitude to return so he attempted to land on Harbour Point Boulevard because it was clear. The plane, however, clipped power lines and then hit a street light, rupturing a fuel cell."

Massive fireball aside, that was actually a pretty nice landing. Of course, you can never really prepare for this sort of fluke disaster to strike, but fortunately, everything turned out all right in the end.

This post was originally published on May 3, 2017.


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