wife's reaction to boosted launch
YouTube: aguyfromalabama (Jakob Hernig)

Wife's Reaction to Chevy Truck's Boosted Launch Is One for the Books


There's nothing sweeter than the feeling of some hard-hitting turbo boost. It can bring a smile to just about anyone's face.

YouTuber Jakob Hernig had been working hard to dial in his Duramax diesel truck for the drag strip, and he figured it would make a fun video to show his wife's first reaction to the truck's racing abilities. He was right, and the enjoyment she got from it was pretty awesome. This is the true test to see if you have a keeper, and she passed.

At the beginning, the truck lines up on the tree, right next to another Chevy truck. As Jakob begins to build some boost, the anxious look on his wife's face makes you a little unsure of how exactly she's going to react. Finally, they get the green light, and Jakob puts the pedal to the floor. With the truck now rocketing down the track, it almost appears to take his wife's breath away for a few seconds. You then see a small smile begin to appear, and she even cheers him on after he pulls ahead of the other truck to win the race.


By the time they cross the line, her smile was about as big as it could be. Her giggles are enough to show how much fun she really had in the passenger seat during her first pass in the truck. They ended up running a 12.2-second time in the quarter mile, but Jakob claims there was much more tuning to go at this time. If you check out his channel, he's made a few more of these videos, and it's easy to see why when you notice the first one drew in over seven million views.

Jakob's wife had fun, and he managed to get first place. That's a win-win in my book. I wouldn't be surprised if she started spending a little more time with him at the drag strip after this.

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