rag sucked into turbo during dyno test
YouTube: Got Boost?

Rag Gets Sucked Into Turbo During Dyno Test


Cars come with a hood for a reason. They look pretty sweet, the whole completely-built vehicle thing is pretty in style, and they keep random things from flying into your inexplicably exposed turbo and destroying your engine.

Back in 2017, YouTube channel Got Boost? posted the below video of a mystery car with an exposed turbo in the middle of a dyno test. The whole thing seems to be going well, until a rag from a nearby work bench begins to float gracefully through the air -- resembling a scene out of American Beauty -- and gets sucked up into the turbo.

Not great. Not great at all. Would've been nice to know how much horsepower this ride was capable of churning out, but I guess we'll never know. What a fail!

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The video isn't very long, but you get a pretty solid idea of what went wrong here. Smoke puffs out of the engine, and some weird noises follow when the driver lets off the throttle, probably in some attempt to save his/her engine. The turbo is definitely toast, but maybe that's the full extent of the damage? Hopefully?

Sadly, as the video description puts it, "time for a rebuild," which means that engine got messed up, too. Well, that sucks. All that time and effort for nothing. It had to have been a long, sad walk back to the drawing board for everyone who was working on that project.

Moral of the story? If you must have an exposed turbo, then at least throw put a guard on the thing to avoid any future headaches.

This post was originally published on October 29, 2017.

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