The sound of this Big Turbo Trans Am on the dyno will make your day

My 2001 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 is my baby. I didn't buy it new so I guess its my adopted baby, but I still love it. I've owned the car for 14 years and we've been through a lot.

The car started life as a six-speed manual, LS1 powered speeding ticket magnet. I was 18, and in hind sight, no teenager should have a car like this. The next few years saw the car changing setups like some change cell phones. I tried out the big cam, naturally aspirated world, I went through a nitrous phase and then I got hit with the boost bug.

My car currently sits with a forged 370 cubic inch LS engine that uses factory ported cylinder heads, a custom turbo cam, 80 lb. fuel injectors with dual fuel pumps, a custom 88mm triple ball-bearing turbo, methanol injection and a built 4l60e transmission with a Ford 9 inch rear end. I

I do all my own tuning with HPTuners, and in my latest video on the LegitStreetCars YouTube channel I take my Trans Am to Performance Solutions in Schaumburg, Illinois. After strapping the car down to their dyno, we made a run and the car put down 780 horsepower to the tires. I made a total of 4 runs with adjustments to fuel and timing each time. The car gained power every run and we ended the dyno session with 854 horsepower. The torque number wasn't coming in on every test due to a faulty rpm signal lead from the dyno, but typically on this car torque is a little higher than horsepower.

The tune is the most conservative the car has ever had, yet my power numbers were great. I could have pushed the car some more but the engine was still on its break in oil as it only has 900 miles. A failed lifter last season caused a low oil pressure situation so it was sent out for a refresh.

Enjoy the video and be sure to turn up the volume. The sound of the turbo paired with a boosted activated exhaust cutout, will be car music to your ears.