ford f-250 pulls semi through the mud
YouTube: ViralHog

Ford F-250 Helps Out Semi Stuck in Deep Texas Mud

You see, a semi truck and mud don't exactly get along. In the above video, you'll see a commercial driver fall victim to the slop, but luckily there was another driver there who decided to step in and lend a helping hand. Even though he only had a 2017 Ford F-250, he was convinced he could pull the big semi out of the mess.

The incident occurred in Texas on Highway 183, and the F-250 owner saw the stuck semi on the service road and stopped to help. At first, they attempted to pull the semi truck from the front. Even though the trailer was empty, it didn't want to budge. Following this, they decided to hook to the trailer and pull it out backwards. As you can see in the video, pulling it backwards worked out much better. With a few yanks, they start to gain a little bit of momentum, and before you know it, the semi is all free from the mud.

If you've ever needed proof of what a Powerstroke F-250 can do, this is it. There was a little bit of wheel hopping going on, but I'll let that slide, because of how much weight he was pulling. I'm pleasantly surprised that this three-quarter ton was able to get him out. The semi was pretty well stuck in that mud, practically up to its steps. The Ford made it look easy, but I'd be curious to see how it would have performed if the trailer was loaded.

You have to love a good samaritan, and there's no doubt this semi truck driver was thankful for the help. This option sure as hell beats the cost of paying one of the big tow trucks to come out. Nothing broke, and everyone was able to drive out of there, so I'd call that a successful rescue.

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