ford f-250 vs school bus
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Ford F-250 Flips Overturned School Bus


For some Ford owners, "Built Ford Tough" is just a slogan that sounds pretty cool in a car commercial. For others, "Built Ford Tough" is more of a challenge. It's a challenge that these owners have to constantly take part in by pitting their Fords against seemingly insurmountable obstacles or inserting them into extreme towing conditions.

The Ford F-250 owner that you'll see in the video below falls into the latter category. When this guy from Missouri saw an overturned school bus on some dirt road (thankfully, no one was in it), he just couldn't help but try to right that sucker on his own, rather than just have a tow truck or another much more capable vehicle do the work.

As you can see from the footage, the whole thing nearly turns into one epic fail.


At first, it looks like F-250 is going to lose its battle with the bus. With his friends laughing behind the camera, the driver of the F-250 initially approaches the task by slowly easing into the throttle and hoping that the Powerstroke diesel does most of the work. Of course, the only thing that moves when he tries that are the tires.

For plan B, Mr. Built Ford Tough tries using a little bit of momentum to get things going. It takes a few tries using this method, but after a little while, Operation School Bus Overturn is a success.

Let's just say that this guy is super lucky that his truck made it out in one piece after his little building momentum move, because it could have just as easily have ended in the tailgate and the back window get seriously messed up if the chain had broken. But, hey, it didn't, and we ended up getting a pretty sweet video out of it.

This post was originally published on September 6, 2018.


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