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Why You Don't Take Up Parking in Front of a Diesel Pump


If your truck takes diesel fuel, then you are all too familiar with this struggle. You know just how annoying it is to pull into a station that has diesel, only to see someone who can't use diesel is parked there for an easy and lazy spot. There's a common misconception that diesel isn't often used anymore. The fact of the matter is there are still plenty of drivers that absolutely need access to it.

So, you find a gas station that offers diesel. You go through all the effort of pulling in. Someone who shouldn't be at your pump is, funny enough, at your pump. What next?

Diesel Dave is here to show you how to deal with these inconsiderate morons.


Respect the Diesel

A less-than-pleased Diesel Dave arrives at the gas station with his truck, and finds an old, black Honda Accord parked by the diesel pump. The driver seems to have carelessly parked near the pump to avoid having to look for parking elsewhere at the station. Diesel Dave is not having it.

Staged or unstaged (god, I hope this is staged), Diesel Dave and his cowboy hat effectively tow the parked Accord out of the way. Dave then perfectly pulls in and starts pumping his diesel. This video was clearly made to advertise and promote his truck giveaway. It's an awesome truck, but I'm pretty sure this isn't proper truck etiquette. With great power comes great responsibility.

That being said, it probably isn't the best move to occupy a pump that you aren't using. Fuel pumps are not parking spots. They are reserved for paying customers that can actually use the fuel dispensed from those pumps. If you happen to be one of those folks that occupy these pumps unnecessarily, here's how truck drivers feel about you.

There are some colorful personalities in our great country. Gas stations also can be pretty tense places, because of the waiting involved. If you won't avoid doing this out of the kindness of your heart, then do it to avoid conflict with someone like Diesel Dave.


Big trucks do not own the road. They do, and should, have the same rights as anyone else, though. Just because they may not represent the majority in America, drivers, doesn't mean they should be purposely inconvenienced. Not all of us may be able to afford an awesome truck. We all can afford to treat truck drivers with the respect every American deserves. So non-diesel users, stop hoggin' those spots! To all my truckers, keep on truckin'.

This article was originally published on March 11, 2019.

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