This Absolutely WILD Scene at Detroit Gas Station Ends in Gas Pump Fire

"This is one of the craziest things that I've ever seen in my life."

Dave Khazendar is the manager of a Citgo gas station in Detroit, Michigan, and late last week, he witnessed a scene that started out pretty heated and ended in a full-blown gas pump fire.

The incident, which went down during the early morning hours of Sunday, June 16, was all captured on security footage, which shows that the situation were problematic right from the jump.

Per Fox 2:

A silver car pulled into the gas station, already having front end damage and a shattered rear window. A yellow car entered the station and the lady handed over her two kids.

"This lady with two kids has a problem with the people in this car," [Khazendar] said.

Words were exchanged but instead of pulling away, the driver of the yellow car got gas and the driver even appeared to flag down a red SUV.

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Now, if you assumed that the red SUV was brought in to dish out some serious damage, you assumed correctly. Whoever was behind the wheel may have not started all the craziness, but, for all intents and purposes, they pretty much ended it.

The SUV then stopped along with the damaged silver car at the entrance for another argument before the silver car pulls away, returning with more damage.

"This is after they did bumper cars a few times, look at the hood," Khazendar said of the silver car which had the hood dangling off.

The silver car left, but when it comes back the SUV delivers a one-two punch ramming into it twice as the chaos continued.

Ok, now this is where stuff gets even crazier. The SUV keeps chasing the silver car around (because, apparently, the "one-two punch" wasn't enough), until the silver car crashes into the gas pump. Commence fire. Lots of fire. The driver of the silver car's first reaction? Removing her license plate in an attempt to not be implicated in the whole thing. Clearly, this isn't her first gas station rodeo.

A few blows are exchanged between the silver car driver and another passenger...and then?...everybody just takes off. With the gas pump still on fire. Had a gas station attendant not been there to quickly contain the situation, everything would have probably gone up in flames.

So, when Dave Khazendar said that, "This is one of the craziest things that I've ever seen in my life," we definitely believe him.

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