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What's Your Trucker Handle? These Reader Names Are Classic!


When Smokey and the Bandit came out back in the late '70s, folks throughout the United States were introduced to the trucking industry and truck driving culture on a massive scale. If you didn't have a CB radio and a cool CB handle to go along with it, then you basically weren't doing it right.

To pay tribute to the good old days of rampant CB radio use, we posed the following question on our social media pages: "If you were a trucker, what would your radio name be?"

Needless to say, we got a number of awesome answers from our readers. Check a few of them out!

What's Your CB Radio Handle?


We wonder what this guy's name is when they ARE mad at him...

The family that drives trucks together, stays together.


Now that's just truckin' badass.

This call sign doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but hilarious nonetheless.


A special shoutout to all the wives of truckers out there!

An entire squad of CB radio users? So awesome!


Hell yeah!

You gotta love the classics.


Hey, we hear ya, man.


15 Trucker Slang Terms

Whether you're a truck driver and actually working for a trucking company or just a frequent CB radio user, there is plenty of important lingo that you need to know. These terms can deal with anything from significant landmarks to crucial commands to other vehicles on the road. While there are dozens and dozens of popular trucker slang terms, here are just a few CB slang terms that any trucker should be familiar with.


Back row: The last rows of parking in a truck stop. This is usually where the, how shall we say, shadier activities tend to go down.

Bear bait: Typically a four-wheeler, this is a vehicle going past the speed limit that protects the other speeding vehicles behind it.

Chicken lights: The extra lights that a big rig has on its truck and trailer.

Covered wagon: A flatbed trailer with sidewalls, and a tarp.


Double nickel: 55 MPH.

Dragon wagon: A tow truck.

Georgia overdrive: A not-so-recommended speeding technique where you put the transmission into neutral on a downgrade.

Go-go juice: Diesel fuel.


Hammer down: Speed up! Step on it! "Power up" can also be used.

Kojak with a Kodak: A police officer who's using a radar gun.

Parking lot: An auto transporter that's typically used when the trailer is empty.

Pay the water bill: Taking a bathroom break.


Rambo: Someone who talks really tough on the radio, especially when no one else knows where they are.

Reefer: A refrigerated van trailer.

Wiggle Wagon: A set of double or triple trailers.


15 Trucker Slang Terms for Popular Cities

The Apple: New York City, New York

Bean Town: Boston, Massachusetts

Beer City: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Big A: Atlanta, Georgia


Big D: Dallas, Texas

Bikini: Miami, Florida

Bright Lights: Kansas City, Missouri

The Dirty: Cleveland, Ohio


The Gateway: St. Louis, Missouri

Guitar: Nashville, Tennessee

Lost Wages: Las Vegas, Nevada

Mardi Gras: New Orleans, Louisiana


Queen City: Charlotte, North Carolina

Sack of tomatoes: Sacramento, California

Shaky City: Los Angeles, California

This post was originally published on May 4, 2020.


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