Biggest Slip N' Slide Loop
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Lunatic (Or Genius) Nails 12-Foot Loop With Help of Chevy Pickup


You see an open lawn or yard, I see the beginnings of a personal amusement park. Apparently, I'm not the only one. People across our great country make use of their property in fun ways. Some may make their own pool. Others may build a half-pipe.

These folks decided to make their own waterpark. How do you build a waterpark on your property? Chances are you don't. This group of people did, however, extend their ultimate Slip N' Slide to epic proportions. It may not be as pretty as any real waterpark slide, but it gets the job done.

Conquering the 12-Foot Loop

This video showed a group of guys and their homemade water park attraction. They used a roof, some wood, some water, and some soft material to pad their bodies as they went down the slide. They managed to make their Slip N' Slide loop 12 feet tall. Things don't always go as planned on the first try.


The first guy to attempt the loop from the roof ends up doing a gnarly belly flop when he gets to 180 degrees. The cameraman shows the blood on the slide after the accident. This did not deter the rest of his buddies from giving the slide a whirl. The second guy to attempt the loop makes it all the way around, but there is some definite friction.

The dudes were finally able to complete the stunt and perfect their homemade Slip N' Slide loop using a little redneck physics. They figured they needed more velocity to complete the loop without injury. Slowing down midway ended horribly for the first guy to attempt the loop. As is this case with many country problems, where there's a truck, there's a way.

One of the guys fastened something onto the back of a Chevy truck. He decided that if gravity wasn't giving him the speed he needed to complete the loop, a Chevrolet truck engine surely would. The man positioned himself on the roof and let the truck pull him while holding a ski rope. The pull from the Chevy was powerful enough to help the man rapidly complete the loop and enjoy this homemade 12-foot Slip N' Slide masterpiece.

Was it worth the time it took to build? Maybe. One thing's for sure: This clip would have made one heck of a Chevy commercial. Don't try this at home kids. If you do, you'll definitely need a reliable truck nearby and an even more reliable first aid kit.


This post was originally published on November 19, 2015.

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