If you think that slip-n-slides are just for kids to have fun during summertime, think again. For a summer party that looked like an absolute blast, a company in Oslo, Norway called Torp & Co. constructed the “world’s biggest homemade slip-n-slide with a loop.” Whether you’re an eight-year-old or an 88-year-old, anyone can agree that this looks like one of the best slip-n-slides ever constructed. At least from an entertainment standpoint. And, it’s definitely not you’re average garden hose, garbage bag tarp type deal, that’s for sure.

Now, I don’t know how they were able to officially gives this DIY masterpiece the title for “Biggest Slip-n-Slide,” but judging from the party footage, these folks seemed a little more focused on having a good time than breaking world records.

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Technically, this epic contraption looks more like a redneck, backyard water slide than the traditional slip-n-slide you slid face first down when you were a kid. The massive loop turns it up a notch. I have to say, massive props to the first person to go on a test ride, because one small flaw in the engineering could have led to some not-so-fun injuries.

As the perfect grand finale, the slip-n-slide session ends with the rider getting launched into a pool at high speeds. Talk about making a splash. Jokes!


Is this technically the longest slip-n-slide ever made? Who knows? Maybe there was an official Guinness World Record person there to witness the whole thing. Maybe it’s just a title that the Torp & Co. marketing people threw in to stir up more hype. I mean, not like it would take much to market this slip-n-slide after watching these awesome action clips. Of course, the slow motion footage definitely helps, too.

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