gas truck rolls away without driver
YouTube: ViralHog

Truck Carrying Gas Canisters Rolls Away Without Driver Inside


This video takes ghost riding the whip to a whole new level. I mean, really, is a ghost driving this thing? How the hell did it just start rolling out of nowhere? These are questions best asked after the fact, because this truck was carrying a large amount of explosive gas containers in the back, and it turned into a dangerous situation pretty quickly.

Luckily for all the viewers out there, this security camera footage shows two angles, so we really get to see how this all played out. At the very beginning, we see the truck parked, and a man walking in front of it. Then, all of the sudden, it just grabs a gear and starts moving forward, nearly taking that guy out. Following this, we see about three or four more people come out of the building in utter disbelief at what was going on.

As the truck moved out of frame, it switches to the other camera angle, which shows the exit to the yard. Sure enough, the truck nudges its way out and continues rolling until one of the workers was able to open the driver's door. With only a fraction of a second to spare, the driver manages to get the wheel turned enough to avoid any collision. In the process of this, he just about squishes himself between the truck and the open door. Finally, he hops up into the driver's seat to hit the brakes and brings this self-driven truck to a stop. Talk about a scary situation.


Had this truck continued on its journey for just a bit longer, it likely would have toppled over the edge and into that forest, undoubtedly sparking at least one of those canisters. Something tells me that the little fire extinguisher attached to the front of the truck wouldn't stop the flames very efficiently. Although it wasn't a smooth solution, they handled the situation and live to work another day.

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