truck smahes through gatehouse
YouTube: ViralHog

Employee Saves His Buddy From Getting Smashed After Truck's Brakes Fail

Employee of the month better go to this guy in neon vest. This crazy moment was captured on security cameras in Moscow, Russia. The video shows this semi truck experience a brake failure of some sort, which then resulted in it rolling backwards down a hill and crashing right into the gatehouse. Luckily, there was an employee that saw what was happening, so he was able to prevent even further disaster.

You see, this gatehouse was occupied just moments before it was smashed to pieces from the trailer. Thanks to this man in the neon vest, he quickly realized the trajectory of the semi truck and informed his co-worker of the danger. He managed to run out of the gatehouse only seconds before it crumbled, so I'd say someone owed someone a beer after they left work that day. After seeing a dangerous moment such as this, it makes you realize why most of these types of buildings will have some kind of concrete barrier on the outside. They always seem pointless until you need them.

Here's my take. I don't necessarily believe that this was a mechanical brake failure. That's because they design these brakes to engage when they fail, leading me to believe this was actually driver error. The truck driver very likely could have forgotten to set his brakes, and the mild slope that it sat on eventually gave it some momentum. With no driver inside, there wasn't much they could do other than watch it crash into the building and ensure no one was in the path of destruction.

Whoever was driving that truck prior to this definitely has some explaining to do. Luckily, everyone got out of the way just in time and that's what really matters. Trucks, trailers, and gatehouses can be replaced, but this could have been a whole different situation if it wasn't for this quick thinking employee. Give that man a raise!

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