tractor driver stops high speed chase
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Tractor Driver Helps Police Stop High-Speed Chase: "I Was Gonna T-Bone Him"


When it comes down to it, you can always count on the country folks to help out when you need them most. Case and point? North Carolina farmer Buzz Palmer, who used his Kubota tractor to block off the path of a vehicle involved in a high-speed police chase. His quick actions led to the stop and arrest of the fleeing driver.

Above, you can check out the news story, which covers exactly what happened during the chaotic event. Apparently, Buzz was already outside using the tractor to till his garden, when he started to hear the sirens come closer and closer. Eventually, he spotted the speeding driver and knew he needed to step in to help. After getting his grandson inside the house, he put that tractor in high gear, claiming he was "gonna T-bone him," but only narrowly misses. After blocking the path to exit the driveway, the criminal was forced into a field with no way out.

The farmer knew that the driver would not be able to escape in that direction, so he continued to corral the driver. The driver attempting to flee had no other options but to plow right through a fence, and eventually drove straight into a pond, putting an end to the chase. Police were quick to step in and arrest all of the occupants of the vehicle. Come to find out, Palmer is a retired law enforcement diver, so this criminal made a huge mistake by trying to cut through his land.


Thanks to this farmer's assistance, the chase was brought to a sudden ending. Although police don't normally recommend that civilians get involved in something like this, I'd only assume that they were also glad he was able to help out in this situation. You never mess with a farmer's land, and it's circumstances like this that prove that point.

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