couch surfing
YouTube: ViralHog

Fun-Loving Pals Go Couch Surfing Behind UTV


I've heard of couch surfing, but these guys may be taking it a bit too literally. Then again, I'd be lying if I said this didn't look like a pretty fun time with the boys. These are the types of activities you'll find out in the country, and I was practically convinced this had to be in America. Come to find out, these guys are actually in Canada, and I can respect their version of fun in the sun.

Check out the video above and watch this organized chaos happen in real time. If it peaks your interest, and you've got a little land to play around on, it wouldn't be too hard to replicate. All you really need is a spare couch, a tow strap, and a truck to pull it with. In this particular case, it appears as if they're using some type of UTV to pull around the couch. They were slipping and sliding all around in the grass, but things get even more interesting as they dig into some mud.

It's a good thing all three of these guys were wearing their goggles, because they got absolutely slammed with pounds of mud in the process. To be fair, I think most of that was done on purpose, but what are friends for if they don't put you in situations like this one? At least at the end of the video, one of the guys on the couch lands a direct shot of mud right back at the camera man. I also have no idea why they're in suits, but I won't even bother to ask that question at this point.


It's pretty clear these guys are getting the most out of their day. They definitely appear to be having a blast out there on the farm, and it's got me thinking about going to grab one of those free couches that I've seen before on the side of the road. That said, I'd still prefer to be the one in the driver's seat of the UTV.

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